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System Audio Aura 1 white АС (пара)

Цена: 50 900 руб.

Особенности модели

People choose SA aura 1 when they need a small speaker in a very high quality. It gives its user a life-like experience of all kinds of music.
With its height of 27,5 cm and a width of 13,5 cm SA aura 1 is among the smallest SA speakers ever. Yet, it delivers real SA sound with the special musical qualities you have come to expect.
A small speaker that weighs 4,5 kg has something special to say. The weight reveals the quality of the parts, the speaker is made of. SA aura 1 is made of 18 mm MDF and the cabinet stands on a 25 mm thick vibration-controlled base with integrated binding posts and bass reflex ports. The target is clear: This is a speaker that stands out from the crowd.
At SA we design our woofers according to some special methods. Therefore you can not compare SA with normal speakers. The special 11 cm woofer generates a bigger soundstage than other woofers of the same size and the sound is clearer and more precise.
The speaker’s base is dedicated to bass. On each side of the SA logo there are two channels leading the deepest tones out of the speaker. Under the cabinet you find four small vibration-controlling feet and on the back of the base sits solid gold connectors.

technical specifications

dimensions (WxHxD) cm 13,5 x 27,5 x 21,9

recommended amplifier min. 50 Watts

recommended placement wall, shelf or stand

power handling 80 Watts

frequency range (+/- 3 dB) 52-35.000 Hz

impedance 8 ohm

finish white satin, black ash, ebony
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