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Definitive Technology IWSub Reference встраиваемый пассивный сабвуфер

Цена: 73 600 руб.

Особенности модели

Driver Complement :
One 13" Long-Excursion Woofer coupled to a 13" infrasonic Radiator
Frequency Response :14 Hz – 200 Hz
Impedance :4 ohms
Required Amplifier :SubAmp 600 (available separately)
Inputs :One pair of gold plated spring loaded posts
Available Finishes :Paintable White
Accessories :Paint mask; Cut-out template; Paintable removable all metal grill
Packaging :One to a carton
Weight | 20.4 kg

Audio Inputs
Speaker Level 1 Pair (Heavy Duty Spring Loaded)
Total Frequency Response Overall 14 Hz - 200 Hz
Nominal Impedance Designed for SubAmp 600 (4 ohm)

Outer Flange Dimensions | 39.4 x 66.5 cm
Cut Out Dimensions | 36.5 x 63.8 cm
Depth from Flange | 10.2 cm

Placement Vertical Orientation
In Wall (Vertical Only)
Cabinet Type Speaker Enclosure Sealed Medite
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